Happy New Year

Annual Letter Greetings

“And suddenly you know…  it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

I knew and I did!  I kicked off 2019 in Colorado Springs, Colorado preparing for the Cameron Brooks Career Conference.  I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina and interviewed with 13 exciting, prospective Corporate America companies achieving 9 Yesses, 1 Maybe, and 3 No’s.  The No’s were for sales positions I had absolutely no interest in and the interviewers were not fooled!  I spent the entire month of February enduring some very interesting travel experiences for follow up interviews before ultimately accepting a Retail Operations Manager position with Love’s Travel Stops.

In March, I out-processed the Active Duty component Army and accepted an appointment with the United States Army Reserves.  I was placed with the 377th Theater Sustainment Command – the largest Reserve Command in the United States – located in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I travel every other month for a four-day Battle Assembly weekend and two-week Annual Training in the summer.  The Reserves are very different, but I was not ready to fully leave the service.  I know I would have regretted it if I had.  In addition to transitioning from Active Duty to Reserve, I also branch transferred – a challenge in and of itself.  I only recently branch qualified in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, but I look forward to on the job education and application each Battle Assembly going forward.

In April, I sold my house in Colorado and trekked back across the United States to the Sunshine State – meowing cats in tow.  Love’s placed me in a store in the panhandle and I started right away on April 22.  I bought and closed on my third house two weeks later.  I immersed myself into my new role trying to learn everything I could as fast as I could of my new industry.  The last nine months have challenged me – in more ways than I can innumerate.  I had to reach deep within myself some days, learn to take a step back and find balance, understand that the world cannot be taken on in a day, or even a week, or a month.  The journey consists of many small steps taken one day, sometimes one hour, even one minute at a time.  Patience is a virtue, but hard work paid off!  I received an early Christmas present when I was offered a promotion to General Manager two days before Christmas.  The cats and I moved to Brunswick, Georgia two weeks later.  I am deeply humbled to have been given this opportunity and look forward to learning much more and making a positive impact in my store, and ultimately in the company.

The word of 2019 was “New”, and I was not let down by putting my trust in the magic of all my new beginnings.  I was blessed with the making of new friends, new connections and new discoveries about myself and others.  I was even blessed with the finding of a new fur baby in September.  The cat number increased from two to THREE with the adoption of little Dash – Prince of the Palace (or so he thinks!)  I was informed that three is the official number to becoming the Crazy Cat Lady.  Well then, so be it!

I have been honored by the consistent amount of abundant love and unwavering support shown me of my new ventures this year.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you the happiest and blessed of new years.  I hope that you and yours will choose to transform yourself through newness in 2020 – the newness of adventures you have yet to take, the new challenges that will inevitably present themselves, new opportunities that come knocking, and of course, with the new people that are sure to walk into your life.  Afterall, it is only through newness – through change – that one can succeed and transcend oneself!  “Trust the magic of beginnings!”  Happy New Year!

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